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Military records are potentially of great genealogical value and may provide information not found in any other source.

These records identify individuals who served or were eligible to serve in the military.

Keith Nightingale built a storied career in the military, beginning with two tours in Vietnam, and going through Grenada, and Iran, to a position in the Department of Defense Interagency Counterdrug…Looking for the opportunity to face the Germans head on, James “Maggie” Megellas requested a transfer to the paratroopers during WWII, where he would go on to face heavy fighting across Europe—including while crossing the Waal River and at the Battle…Going from working kitchen duty with the Yankee Division in France to enduring seven days of German captivity while wounded, Dr.

What is the purpose of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” Program?Major General John Borling, a career Air Force officer who spent over six and a half years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam and once released, had a long and distinguished Air Force career, was interviewed on the dates listed below as a joint venture…Like so many others that felt it was a matter of duty to enlist in the military during WWII, Larry Kirby joined the Marine Corps, becoming a Communications/Scout with the 3rd Marine Division as it island hopped its way through such places as Guam to ultimately…Through three consecutive conflicts (World War II, Korea, and Vietnam), Peter “Rupy” Ruplenas took photographs for the U. military so that intelligence would understand what was going on—first as a part of the Signal Corps.and then later as a…A native of Chicago, Captain William San Hamel was a member of the Department of the Army Special Photographic Office (DASPO), serving as an Officer with the Pacific Unit from 1967-1969 where he acted as a producer and director, approving the photographs…While most of Eric Blaustein’s lectures focus on his time in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during WWII, for his oral history with the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, he discusses the years after being liberated and, in 1948, joining the Israeli…Volunteering with the Red Cross in order to entertain and bring a touch of “home” to the men serving their country overseas, Marie Davidson was one of the many Donut Dollies during the Korean War that helped not only supply a warm cup of coffee and…During World War II, Ms.These ten celebrities are famous, they've gone on to great things, and they all have one thing in common: they served in the U. Others used their experiences in uniform as the springboard for a life in the spotlight. Obviously I'm against militaries, because of what militaries do. Some of them made use of military education benefits to further their careers.

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