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So for everyone's edification, and because it damn well stood to be updated, we've prepared a more complete, less out-of-date version, including but not limited to CNN's John Roberts, NBC News' Kevin Tibbles, Market Editor Joanna Hillman and Celine Dion, who makes every list about Canada, ever.

Ever-evolving list of Canadian media machers in New York after the jump, in alphabetical order because we're just that organized.

As you’ve probably realised by our extensive coverage, no two fashion editors dress exactly alike.

For every pencil skirted Carine Roitfeld, there’s a slouchy t-shirt, cigarette jean-wearing Emmanuelle Alt.

Mike Kennish, research professor in the Rutgers Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, is the editor and a contributing author of the Encyclopedia of Estuaries, an international volume of the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary research knowledge and advances in estuarine science, to date.

Newly published by Springer (Dordrecht, The Netherlands), the 760-page tome contains nearly 270 articles and short contributions on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of estuaries.

We don’t doubt you’ve spotted these chic sisters about town during fashion month.

Shinan, God love him, picked up on as much dramarama as he could (even though Thompson actually wrote about person who had a beef with Gladwell, and a scientific, data-based one at that), and quoted a snippy little tattler who claimed that Thompson was secretly jealous of Gladwell; Thompson, maybe one of the nicest and most jolly writers I know in New York, responded by saying that, hell yeah he was jealous of Malcolm Gladwell, who freaking wasn't? Indeed, pretty much any science writer with a pulse these days is possessed of a curdled, corroded envy for Gladwell that poisons our every waking moment. In reality, I'm also cravenly *thankful* to the guy, because he singlehandedly created this entire new industry of 8,000-word magazine thinkpieces about science -- thus creating the entire journalistic subgenre into which I have gleefully inserted myself. (Anyone who has ever received an email from Thompson or read his excellent science/tech blog will probably recognize the signature "Woo! Well, Pareene, you weren't even a 20-year-old NYU dropout when I first posted a non-exhaustive but quite exhausting list of Canucks in the media back on Canada Day, 2005 at Fishbowl NY, so you're forgiven for missing the many, many others on the list.In addition to Kennish, contributing authors from Rutgers included Ken Able, distinguished professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences and director of Rutgers University Marine Field Station; Joanna Burger, Rutgers Division of Life Sciences behavioral ecologist affiliated with the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources; and Judy Weis, estuarine ecologist and emeritus professor of biological sciences at the Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences.Kennish, who worked on the encyclopedia for about five years, calls it a state-of-the-art reference volume for research scientists, educators, students and others.It also features an impressive collection of about 200 color illustrations.“There are more than 225 contributing authors from around the world, including a number from Rutgers,” said Kennish, who was particularly pleased at the exposure of the university’s estuarine and coastal research to a worldwide audience.

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