Reading body language dating

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Of course there are differences in the way men and women do use body language to flirt.As the old adage says, "ladies first," so let's start with the women.It is still unclear how we learn these signals but research now shows that many may be inborn. Remember when it was easy to tell when someone was interested in you?However, just to help you on your way, the following list provides an insight into some of the areas of the art that is most likely to pay romantic dividends.How to use body language in the dating world Forget the clichéd lines, and opt for a more primal approach when it comes to ensuring the interest of your date or expressing such interest.Here are a couple of ways you can use body language to your advantage. Eye contact, the first call of any exploration into body language, is a hugely important part of maintaining your date’s attraction to you.Prolonged eye contact by the object of your future affections is a dead giveaway that they’re interested in what you have to offer.

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A woman who is interested will respond by emphasizing her breasts, tilting her head, touching her hair, exposing her wrists and thereby making herself appear submissive. Body language is known as the strongest indicator to adjust flirting.If you can read women’s non-verbal cues, you will escalate an interaction seamlessly and smoothly.He found that high muscle tone became evident in preparation for a possible sexual encounter, 'bagging' around the face and eyes decreased, body sagging disappeared, the chest protruded, the stomach was automatically pulled in, pot-bellied slumping disappeared, the body assumed an erect posture and the person appeared to become more youthful in appearance.He noted that both men and women walked with a livelier, springier gait as a display of health and vitality and to convey their suitability as a partner.

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