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Plus, hanging out in bars doesn't exactly help me meet people who share my values. The search engines and algorithms can help you find a guy who is either sober or isn't a heavy drinker.

I would like to date someone with the purpose of actually getting to know them and not just to have meaningless casual sex, but that doesn't seem possible when my only social outings lately have involved getting pawed at by drunk classmates or strangers. It seems like even light drinkers often become cocktail-guzzling party animals on date night. And if you're worried about getting into another bad online dating situation, be extra careful and play it safe: Spend a longer time chatting online before you commit to meeting in person.

Here are a few things my 20-something fantasy didn't include: Yelling incoherently at my friends (and strangers, for that matter), uncontrollable weeping, blacking out, pathological lying, rarely being sober enough to make it out the front door, and lots and lots of falling down. Thanks to the kindness of my loved ones and access to invaluable resources, I was able to go to inpatient treatment and I haven't had a drink since. When I left rehab, they suggested I didn't get involved with anyone romantically for at least a year.

So it's probably—no, definitely—smart that in 2006 I decided to give up drinking.

Heck, I was ready to up the ante and refuse to interact with other human beings for a year.

Like most of my feelings during early sobriety, this fear passed.

Stay healthy with advice and tips on dating without alcohol.

You don't want to know the ludicrous number of possible love connections I've squashed by getting sloshed on a first or second date.

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